Attend these upcoming events to brush up on the latest developments while learning practical knowledge to take back to your agency and share! Click here for to download full event calendar of upcoming EveryChild California events. 

Advanced Eligibility & Need - May 13, 2021
Join us for this robust discussion around determining Eligibility and Need factors and their relationship to successful enrollment, engagement and attendance. This seminar is different, rather than a step-by-step review of enrollment practices, this highly interactive seminar asks you to bring your questions! On Zoom - May 13, 2021  >>Learn More

Review of recent directives and implementation 
Parent involvement and its relationship to enrollment
Variable and unpredictable schedules
Much more!


Statewide Meeting - Analysis of the 2021-22 May Revise Budget Proposal - May 19, 2021
In our continuing efforts to provide all members of EveryChild California and the ECE Community with updated and pertinent information. Members of our State Board and Public Policy Advisors will help guide us through the revised budget and what it means for the ECE Field.  On Zoom - May 17, 2021  >>Learn More

Guide through the new budget
How this effects the ECE field
Q&A time set aside
Much more!


Statewide Meeting - How to Bring Credibility to Your Agency - May 26, 2021
Credibility is at the foundation of the work we do with children and families.  Credibility is also essential to elevate in employee development and organizational culture.  But how do we bring credibility to our work as leaders?  What do others expect of us? How can we strengthen our approach and commitments to our constituents?  On Zoom - May 26, 2021  >>Learn More

Hosted by EveryChild CA'sCentral Section
Guest Speaker Edward Condon
Q&A time set aside
Much more!


Health & Safety Institute - June 10-11, 2021
We are proud to partner with a number of early care and education professionals to highlight best practice solutions for high quality infant and toddler care. This two-day event is designed for program administrators and staff who are working with children birth – 36 months. Zoom - June 10-12, 2021 >>Learn More

New safe sleep regulations
Strategies for culturally sensitive practice
Infant-toddler learning environment
Best practice for child supervision
And much more!


Great Administrators - July 28-29, 2021
Great Administrators is different. Blending the highest level content with peer-to-peer experience is designed to enhance your skills and bring you to a new level of awareness and strategic thinking for your organization's strategic and financial success Santa Barbara - July 28-29, 2021 >>Learn More

Great for helping with any type of agency
A peer-to-peer experience
Work together to uncover solutions to any problem
All experience levels welcomed


Monarch Link eLearning Platform - Access 24/7
We have partnered to provide the field with both live and online professional development materials that align with each other. Our training opportunities not only review the regulations, but provide agencies with realistic strategies and practices to implement programs efficiently. Available Online >>Learn More

Archive of online resources
New employee training videos
Downloadable/editable PDFs, Word, and Excel docs
Ever growing course archive


EveryChild California Onsite Support Services - Plan At Your Convenience 
EveryChild California is pleased to offer on-site professional development staffed by EveryChild CA staff  to support and prepare state subsidized programs with improving administrator and teacher knowledge and skills for maintaining compliance with California State laws and regulations Open Schedule >>Learn More

Emergency Preparedness
Prepare, Prevent and Respond to Health and Safety Incidents
A Relationship-Based Approach for Family Engagements
Fully customizable training available to you!