Attend these upcoming events to brush up on the latest developments while learning practical knowledge to take back to your agency and share! Click here for to download full event calendar of upcoming EveryChild California events. 

Statewide Meeting - January 20, 2021
In our continuing efforts to provide all members of EveryChild California and the ECE Community with updated and pertinent information, we are happy to announce that the January 20, 2021 Statewide meeting on the Analysis of the Governor’s 2021-22 Budget Proposal. On Zoom - January 20, 2021  >>Learn More

Analysis of Governor's Budget Proposal
How It Effects ECE
Guest Speakers
Time for Q&A


Central Section Meeting - February 2, 2021
Join the EveryChild California Central Section for an informative meeting about new state laws and regulations from Community Care Licensing along with time for Q&A!  On Zoom - February 2, 2021  >>Learn More

Hear directly from CCL
Review of new state laws and regulations
Networking Time


Northern Section Meeting - February 4, 2021
Join us for an open discussion as well as targeted breakout groups to share successes and challenges faced by agencies in previous months, to help problem solve how we can continue to address quality in the Early Learning and Care field amidst multiple changes and challenges.  On Zoom - February 4, 2021  >>Learn More

Guest speaker from CDE
Targeted Break Out Groups
Management Bulletin Review


Navigating the Interface of California Title 5 & Title 22 Regulations - February 10, 2021
Designed for Title 5 administrators who directly operate or oversee a (CSPP, CCTR, FCCHEN) state subsidized program that is regulated by both Title 5 Educational Code and Title 22 Community Care Licensing regulations.Gain effective tools and resources to ensure compliance. On Zoom - February 10, 2021  >>Learn More

Review of Title 5/22
Learn Codes and Regulation Hierarchy  
Care & Supervision
Bring it all Together and Much More!


Understanding the Core Elements of the Title 22 Regulations - February 17, 2021
Designed for program administrators who directly operate or oversee a Title 22 program (Center Based, Family Child Care, AP, Private Nonprofit). Gain critical information to best understand the core elements of the inspection process, overview of the required licensing forms,  and tools/resources to support compliance with the Title 22 licensing regulations.  On Zoom - February 17, 2021  >>Learn More

Review of Title 22
Inspection Process 
Methods of Communication
Resources and Tools


Operations & Management Summit - March 11-12, 2021
This 2-day, virtual experience is designed to meet the leadership needs of those seeking to onboard their newest leaders with sound program operation foundations as well as support the elevated conversation amongst our most experienced ECE administrators.  On Zoom - March 11-12, 2021  >>Learn More

Managing Teams for Success
Addressing Contemporary Staffing Realities
Inclusive Strategic Planning
And much more!


Efficiently Managing Eligibility & Need - April 21-23, 2021
This 3-day training institute presented in partnership with Monarch Link, is designed to build your skills in all areas related to enrolling families and the family data file. Center-based and AP programs will be covered. On Zoom - April 21-23, 2021  >>Learn More

Management Bulletins relating to COVID-19 guidance
Navigating through Selection Criteria
Organizing components of the Family Data File
Much more!


Great Administrators - July 28-29, 2021
Great Administrators is different. Blending the highest level content with peer-to-peer experience is designed to enhance your skills and bring you to a new level of awareness and strategic thinking for your organization's strategic and financial success Santa Barbara - July 28-29, 2021 >>Learn More

Great for helping with any type of agency
A peer-to-peer experience
Work together to uncover solutions to any problem
All experience levels welcomed


Monarch Link eLearning Platform - Access 24/7
We have partnered to provide the field with both live and online professional development materials that align with each other. Our training opportunities not only review the regulations, but provide agencies with realistic strategies and practices to implement programs efficiently. Available Online >>Learn More

Archive of online resources
New employee training videos
Downloadable/editable PDFs, Word, and Excel docs
Ever growing course archive


EveryChild California Onsite Support Services - Plan At Your Convenience 
EveryChild California is pleased to offer on-site professional development staffed by EveryChild CA staff  to support and prepare state subsidized programs with improving administrator and teacher knowledge and skills for maintaining compliance with California State laws and regulations Open Schedule >>Learn More

Emergency Preparedness
Prepare, Prevent and Respond to Health and Safety Incidents
A Relationship-Based Approach for Family Engagements
Fully customizable training available to you!