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EveryChild California is pleased to offer on-site professional development to support and prepare state subsidized programs with improving administrator and teacher knowledge and skills for maintaining compliance with California State laws and regulations. We work with you to best understand what your teachers know and where there are gaps in their understanding that is unique to your day to day operations. In-house professional development is carried out by staff of EveryChild California. The experience, expertise, and professionalization offered by EveryChild California is unparalleled.

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Emergency Preparedness

A Relationship-Based Approach for Family Engagement

Remove the Hazard From the Risk: Prepare, Prevent and Respond to Health and Safety Incidents

Fundamentals of Marketing and Community Engagement

Emergency Preparedness - Ensuring the health, safety, care and supervision of children is the number one job of early care and education professionals. In this training, participants will learn about the typical emergencies that impact child care programs and about the natural disasters that are most common to the program’s geographic region. Participants will gain practical tools and resources to plan, prepare and respond to an emergency to include, fire, flood, earthquake, lock down, and active intruder. The following topics are also addressed in this training: required supplies, mitigation, safety equipment, structural features, practice drills, evacuation, emergency supply storage, accessibility, family communication, and staff roles and responsibilities.

Private In-House Opportunities Include

  • A scheduled call to develop a shared knowledge about universal principals of working with birth-five children in a state subsidized program.
  • Share tools and resources to maintain compliance relevant to the day to day operations in early care and education settings.
  • Shared support systems and resources for continued staff development

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