The Program Compliance Playbook
Your Guide to State Program Implementation for Center-Based and FCCHEN (SRR and RMR) Programs

Do you have a game plan to be review ready at all times?

In partnership with Monarch Link is pleased to present the Program Compliance Playbook: Your Guide to State Program Implementation for Center-Based and FCCHEN programs, a live one-day seminar.

Are you frustrated that program implementation strategies differ from site to site? Learn how to get everyone to "play the game" using the same playbook.

Interpreting regulations and putting them into practice can be challenging. This interactive one-day seminar is designed to build skills in all areas related to state center-based and FCCHEN program operation. Participants will learn key concepts, take away implementation strategies to ensure regulations are met, and tools for monitoring to ensure program compliance. 

Attendees will receive a "Playbook" (Your Guide to State Program Implementation) that is aligned with the State Program Monitoring Instrument which includes Plan for Parent Involvement, Governance & Administration, Standards, Assessment & Accountability, Staffing & Professional Development, Opportunity & Equal Education Access, and Teaching and Learning item/section will be further broken down by:

  • Program Requirement Overview
  • Requirement Timelines
  • Implementation Strategies to Meet and Document Requirements
  • Monitoring Tool
  • What to Expect During a Review

This one-day live seminar is a must attend for all program staff. New and experienced alike. Are you ready to build your playbook for program success?

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