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We are your voice on public policy issues of importance to the state and federally funded early care and education community. Leveraging coalition efforts and grassroots advocacy by volunteers, we work to educate and inform the Legislature and state agencies about the impact of specific fiscal and policy proposals on programs' ability to best meet the need of California's children, families and workforce. 

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There are many ways to stay up to date on the current legislation affecting the early childhood education through EveryChild California. One way, and the most comprehensive, is to become a member and receive the Member Legislative Weekly Update which will include bill hearing dates, locations, how to participate and fully ready-to-use Letters of Position. As a non-member, you can also join our mailing list and receive a legislative grid right to your inbox. Read our 2022-2023 investment letter and recommendations by clicking here:
California State Budget

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California State Budget

Legislation of Interest

EveryChild CA Sponsored Bills:
AB 596 Reyes & Limon Early Childhood: Childcare and Education
Location: Assembly Human Services Committee Hearing 3/28/23
Support Letter Template - Must be resubmitted to Support as Amended
Fact Sheet

SB 380 Limon & Reyes Childcare: Rate Reform:
Fact Sheet

SB 635 Menjivar Early Education and Childcare: 
Location: Senate Education Committee Hearing 3/29/23
Fact Sheet 
Support Letter Template - Must be submitted my March 24th at noon


Budget Rate Reform Request:
Individuals Support Letter
Organizational Support Sign-on


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Review crucial Management Bulletins that have been released this year from EED as well as all MB updates, by clicking here. Review crucial CCBs that have been released this year from CCDD by clicking here. Review important Provider Information Notices distributed to all child care licensees and providers by clicking here.