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Our organization is your voice on public policy issues of importance to the state and federally funded early care and education community. Leveraging coalition efforts and grassroots advocacy by volunteers, we work to educate and inform the Legislature and state agencies about the impact of specific fiscal and policy proposals on programs' ability to best meet the needs of California's children.

Governor's 2020-21 May Revise Budget Proposal

EveryChild California's Investment in ECE Response Letter

2019-20 California Budget
Governor's 2019-20 Budget Summary
EveryChild California's 2019-21
Public Policy Priorities

2018-19 California Budget
Governor's 2018-19 Budget Summary
EveryChild California's 2018-19
Public Policy Priorities
2017-18 California Budget
Governor's 2017-18 Budget Summary
CCDAA's 2017-18 Public Policy Priorities
2016-17 California Budget
Governor's 2016-17 Budget Summary

CCDAA's 2016-17 Public Policy Priorities
2015-16 California Budget
Governor's 2015-16 Budget Summary
CCDAA's 2015-16 Public Policy Priorities

2014-15 California Budget
Governor's 2014-15 Budget Summary

CCDAA's 2014-15 Public Policy Priorities

2013-14 California Budget
Governor's 2013-14 Budget Summary
2012-13 California Budget
Governor's 2012-13 Budget Summary
2011-12 California Budget
Governor's 2011-2012 Budget Summary










Management Bulletin Updates

12-Month Eligibility Implementation
We would like to thank the California Department of Education (CDE) and the California Alternative Payment Program Association (CAPPA) for partnering to host this valuable webinar opportunity discussing 12-Month Eligibility Implementation:

Please click here to access the presented PowerPoint

Please click here to access the Budget Act of 2017 FAQ

Additionally, we would like to draw your attention to a number of crucial Management Bulletins that have been released this year from ELCD.To see all MB Updates, please click here.

MB 17-21
MB 17-19
MB 17-18
MB 17-17
MB 17-16
MB 17-14
MB 17-12
MB 17-11
MB 17-10
MB 17-09
MB 17-08