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Corporate Sponsporships help to strengthen our work advancing and inspiring leadership in early learning and education, and increasing opportunities to expand quality publicly funded early care and education (ECE) programs across California. 

We believe a comprehensive ECE approach has a triple benefit:

  1. Quality ECE benefits the child by providing a stimulating education experience during the most developmentally important time in a child’s life, allowing low income children to start school at the same level as their middle-income peers.
  2. Widely accessible ECE programs allow families to confidently go to work and school to better themselves, allowing parents to become self-sufficient while knowing their child is in a safe, high quality environment.
  3. A well-funded ECE plan benefits the state providing the best return on investment with higher graduation rates and lower incarceration and substance abuse rates amongst those who attended a quality ECE program.

EveryChild California strives to accomplish this mission through advocacy, numerous training seminars, technical assistance conferences, webinars, regularly facilitated networking opportunities and leadership forums and symposiums, all led by well-qualified veterans and partners of the ECE community.

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