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Ask for the Governor's final budget to: 

    • Codify the 2021-22 Budget Year agreement to grow the state-subsidized child care system by 200,000 new children served and the new 2028 goal to reflect the May Revision "pause" proposal. 
    • Fully fund all awarded expansion slots from existing child care appropriations and provide a general fund offset for the new $48 million federal fund award not scored in the May Revision, in addition to the May Revision offset proposal. 
    • Create a reversion accounting for all child care and general fund preschool programs. 
    • Require the Department of Social Services to report on the Alternative Methodology implementation progress through January 2026 and require a hold harmless policy in the Alternative Methodology for 2024-25 child care rates, inclusive of one-time cost of care plus payments. 
    • Require any Regional Market Rate used beginning in 2025-26 to eliminate the cap based on private payment rates. 
    • Require an annual report on the proposed federal child care quality set-aside expenditure plan to be submitted to the Joint Legislative Budget Committee on or before May 14.
    • To not sweep $143 million in General Funds and $206.3 million in Prop 98 for a one-time State Preschool savings.
    • Oppose eliminating the planned growth in the California State Preschool Program inclusive set-aside of the 2025-26 and 2026-27 fiscal years, capping the set-aside at 5%. 
    • Support expanding the California State Preschool Program eligibility to children ages 24 to 35 months. 

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