EveryChild California has created ECE Voices with the support from Practitioners Voice CA, a fund of Tides Foundation. ECE Voices is a network of providers of subsidized programs who want to be heard by local, state, and federal legislators. For decades the subsidized care provider's workplace issues in California have been overlooked. Many organizations advocate for stabilizing the field by implementing changes including:

  • Improving provider pay to a dignified wage
  • Creating a new methodology for reimbursements that is based on enrollment instead of attendance
  • Lowering Family Fees so that families we care for no longer have to struggle to pay their bills

EveryChild California and other members of the ECE Coalition speak out for your rights, supporting beneficial policy bills and advocating for funding through the budget. What is missing from the conversation is YOU. 

We want to bring you into the hearing rooms, legislative offices, and town hall meetings. You deserve to have a seat at the table where decisions affect you, your employees, and the families you care for. You have the lived experience that your local representatives need to hear. You have the personal stories of workplace hardships that legislators are asking to hear about. 


Everyone is welcome to be a member of ECE Voices, whether you are brand new to the advocacy world or are a seasoned advocate, we want you to join. We will provide the following: 

  • Mentorship
  • Training on how the legislative process works
  • Training on how the budget process works
  • Opportunities to attend committee hearings in Sacramento
  • Opportunities to attend meetings with legislators at their local offices and in Sacramento
  • Opportunities to attend advocacy days locally and in Sacramento
  • Regional meetings that allow you and your peers a safe place to determine what workplace issues you want to be addressed through policy and budget advocacy
  • Letter writing campaigns
  • And so much more

Membership with EveryChild California is not a requirement to join ECE Voices. Once you join ECE Voices, you will be assigned to a region based on your location. Each region has a Lead Advocate who will be your mentor, host your region's meetings, and help you become comfortable with different ways of advocating for the ECE field. The cost associated with attending ECE Voices meetings and advocacy events will be reimbursed. 

Along with your peers, you will fight for change, celebrate wins, and come together to regroup if the advocacy efforts encounter roadblocks. Making a significant and long-lasting change often takes many attempts, but with dedication and perseverance, it can be done. You will contribute to a positive change for everyone in your field. 

We look forward to standing alongside you to make a difference for providers and families in California.

EveryChild California thanks PVCA, a fund of Tides Foundation, for their support.