"It's All About Belonging" for Directors & Supervisors

Set the stage for inclusive practices in your program.

Thursday, June 20, 2024
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PDT)

Join EveryChild California's Valerie Denero for this new training: "It's All About Belonging" for Directors and Supervisors. This 3-hour virtual training focuses on inclusive practices in early care and education programs. You will learn about key elements of inclusion and practical strategies and tools to transform your program philosophy and practice. The goal is to ensure everyone in your program feels they belong and have equal and equitable access to high-quality learning experiences.

Attendees will receive an invitation to a debriefing meeting where they can share their experience and knowledge of implementing inclusive practices. This meeting is an opportunity to gain insight into the successes and challenges faced by other educators across the state.

Those who attend will gain insight and practical tools for;

  • Comparing Inclusive Child Care and Quality Child Care Settings
  • Understanding Universal Design and the Benefits of Inclusive Practice for All Children Participating in a Program.
  • Practical Examples of Inclusive Child Care Strategies to Help Support Implementation.
  • Comprehensive Resources Related to Children with Disabilities Useful to Families and Professionals.

This training is part of the Beginning Together for Inclusive Child Care program, which is supported by WestEd and the California Department of Social Services.


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