July 2023 State Contracting Updates

State Contracting Updates,

We’ve gathered all of the CDSS, CDE, and CCL Bulletins and PINS from July 2023 in one place for your convenience. Review these links for the latest guidance.


2023-24 CDSS Family Fee Schedule.

Please note this family fee chart applies only to childcare programs under CDSS. A Management Bulletin from CDE with an updated chart for CSPP is still pending. 

This family fee chart is reflective of the 2023-24 Governor’s Budget, which utilized “$29.4 million federal funds to waive family fees for childcare programs through September 30, 2023, and $56 million General Fund to revise the family fee schedule for childcare and development programs beginning October 1, 2023, to limit fees to one percent of families’ monthly income and prohibit fee assessment for families with an adjusted monthly income below 75 percent of state median income.”

EveryChild CA will keep you posted on all future updates, including any additional directives that are posted relevant to the family fee process. 

CDSS Child Care Bulletins

  • None Released in July 2023

Early Education Division Management Bulletins

Provider Information Notices (PINs): Child Care Licensing Program (CCP)

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With several impending changes to all programs for 2023-24, EveryChild CA is ready to help you and your organization prepare for the year ahead. The annual ECE Regulatory Update Forum will provide you with the most current information you need to be successful.

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