Letter from the Leadership

Posted By: Kristin Hills News and Updates,

Dear EveryChild California Membership,

I feel so honored to be able to serve EveryChild California as your 2023-25 State Board President. I have such deep appreciation for the organization, for our outgoing State Board President, Sarah Soriano, and for our entire Board of Directors. Everyone who serves on the Board volunteers their time and expertise to further the mission of EveryChild California and I continue to learn from each of them, every day.

I was lucky enough to spend two days in June with some EveryChild California staff and with our Board of Directors, reflecting on the passing year and planning for the future. As our programs respond to myriad changes and workforce challenges, some days it can be difficult to keep our heads above water. I see administrative policies at CDE and CDSS drifting further apart, programs responding to staffing shortages and enrollment challenges with the rollout of Transitional Kindergarten…these are potentially historic times for the Early Learning and Care system in California.

When I am able to stop and reflect for a moment, I remind myself that despite these challenges there is one thing that brings all of our members together: a passion for building high-quality programs that will best serve young children and families. EveryChild California continues to keep me informed, provides my agency with much needed training in an ever-changing landscape, and organizes advocacy efforts that support all program types. 

Lastly, on those days when I am looking at my ever-growing to-do list and feeling discouraged, I know that I have connections with other administrators to lean into and learn from. For each new challenge we face, there are creative solutions being hammered out and shared during networking opportunities. Early Learning and Care folks are nothing if not resilient. Children and families will continue to need care, and we will continue to show up. And if no one has told you lately that you are appreciated…thank you for all that you do!

With gratitude,