Letter from the Leadership: August 1, 2023

Posted By: Nina Buthee News and Updates,

I had the pleasure of spending three days this week at EveryChild California’s 15th annual Great Administrators Seminar. A seminar, where the agenda is created in real-time by over 100 participants. Our number 1 ranked program annually, this year, did not disappoint. Great Administrators seminar is tough to describe unless you have been and experienced it, as it is rooted in spirit and experiences. It is more than simply gaining new knowledge, it is achieving renewal and revitalization for your work. People connect profoundly and powerfully; they build community. 

I had the opportunity to learn from many unique experiences and ideas, yet we all shared a common goal. To serve children and families in California. To provide them with safe, educational opportunities to grow. To support them and their families to thrive.  

We talked about staffing, enrollment, compliance, and fiscal strategies. We shared real-life experiences of inspiration and struggles. We shared tools and brainstormed strategies. But, most importantly, everyone realized they were not alone. Their struggles were the same as their peers. There was a community of individuals that heard and understood them. They came away rejuvenated and supported. It's incredible how much we can learn and grow when we share our knowledge and insights.

As we look to August and the uncertainties of the rate structure, budget deal, and all of the complexities involved, I ask you all to lean on and extend yourself to your community. Let’s support each other through our incredible network of administrators. Let’s brave the uncertainty together.

We are here for you at EveryChild California.